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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Diet Solution Program Review About Mono Milk Diet - Isabel De Los Rios

One of the toughest days is a mono-milk diet. It is ideal for those who like milk. It is best to use a diet exclusively on weekends. And during the week you can have almost anything you want, but in small quantities. During the diet should avoid pastries and fatty meats.Milk is considered useful and important product in a favorable way it affects the functioning of the digestive tract, in its structure contains a huge range of vitamins, minerals and beneficial, of course, calcium. Principle of such a diet is that, in its observance person gets to eat a small amount of calories and rids the body of excess fluid, which can often be mistaken for excess weight.

Milk diet is considered to be one of the most difficult, but a lot of people support its effectiveness
Rigid Diet
On this diet is not allowed to sit more than a week. During it to drink, to be exact, only milk. In this case, the milk should be fresh, preferably homemade. Before use, it is recommended to warm up. Drinking milk through a straw to sip; principle diet is simple: the first day you will have to drink a glass of milk a few hours later, in the day’s intervals for food should gradually reduce to half. Sometimes the milk is allowed to replace fruit juices. Way out of it to be very careful. Such strict diet is very harmful to the body.After the diet must also drink milk afternoon, after lunch you can afford a vegetable salad. On the second day, repeat the same menu. And on the third - you can safely go to their normal diet or use Isabel De Los Rios Diet Solution Program for Better Result.
Lightweight Diet
This option is for those who find it difficult to transfer milk. During the diet are allowed to eat and other products. Morning you can afford a cup of yogurt or strawberry yogurt. After a couple of hours, you can eat a packet of cheese. For lunch, prepare cottage cheese casserole; add the raisins, dried apricots and any fruit. At dinner, drink a glass of sour milk. Remember milk during this diet drink still needed. It is recommended to drink the tea, so the milk is much easier to digest. This drink is used as a diuretic.

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